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Mirage Bucket Hat - Glory Allan

I had a wonderful afternoon making a hat with a good friend of mine.

It was delightful to spend an afternoon with a friend who also likes sewing. She and I get together and do some craft once in a while - drawing, painting, or sewing. She was making a different hat, and I made a Mirage Bucket Hat by Glory Allan.

Glory Allan has a lot of patterns for free on his website. I know if I spent some time I can draft a hat pattern, but I am lazy so why not get the free pattern to make a hat. I made a small donation on this page - what a great idea for him to receive back for his creations of patterns and other free stuff he makes.

I thought it would be cute to have a tiny pocket on the side of the hat.

My husband liked the hat so now it became his hat. I need to make myself another one. This hat's brim comes down quite low, which is nice to get the strong sun light off your face on intensely sunny days.


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