About me


Hi, I am Yukari Meldrum. Thank you for reading this page.


I received these degrees:

  • B.A. in Teaching English to the Speakers of Other Languages, the University of New Mexico M.S. in English as Second Language and Foreign Language Education, the University of Tennessee in Knoxville

  • M.Sc. in linguistics from the University of Alberta

  • Ph.D. in Translation Studies (an interdisciplinary program in the Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies and the Department of East Asian Studies), the University of Alberta (My research was on “Translationese” in Japanese popular literature.)

​Teaching experiences (all together 12 years)

  • English as a Second Language classes (MacEwan English Language Institute, Grant McEwan College)

  • TEFL training workshops (MacEwan English Language Institute, Grant McEwan College) for those who want to teach English abroad

  • Japanese language and Japanese-English translation courses (the Department of East Asian Studies, the University of Alberta)

Here are some publications:

In 2010, I registered a translation business (Edmonton Japanese English Consulting), which marked my transition to a small-business owner. In the spring of 2015, I become quite unwell with various problems mainly in my digestive system, but I continued to work as much as possible. However, I had to finally close the translation business in the summer of 2017; at the same time, I had to stop other activities as well. I learned to live on completely plant-based and gluten-free meals in order to improve my health. As I tried to get better, I spent a lot of hours sewing which has always been a hobby of mine since I was a small child. Finally, this spring (2019) I started feeling much better. Although I cannot accept any new translation orders because long hours on computer is not possible any more, I am now ready to take new orders for JA/EN interpreting. 

I will continue to try living my life to its fullest. Thank you so much for your support.

Yukari Meldrum

Summer 2019

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