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About me

Hi, I am Yukari Meldrum.
Thank you for visiting this page; here's a bit about me. 



I have sewn ever since I was a child. My mother made clothes all the time for herself and us kids, and she also worked for a private clothing label in Japan. I watched her, and she showed me how to do all the basic things in sewing. She was always willing to let me try making things with fabric remnants, like making my dolls' clothes and small pouches and bags. Now I am grateful that she taught me invaluable skills of sewing and making things. 


  • B.A. in Teaching English to the Speakers of Other Languages, the University of New Mexico

  • M.S. in English as Second Language and Foreign Language Education, the University of Tennessee in Knoxville

  • M.Sc. in linguistics from the University of Alberta

  • Ph.D. in Translation Studies (an interdisciplinary program in the Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies and the Department of East Asian Studies), the University of Alberta (My research was on “Translationese” in Japanese popular literature.)

​Teaching experience

  • English as a Second Language classes (MacEwan English Language Institute, Grant McEwan College)

  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language training workshops (MacEwan English Language Institute, Grant McEwan College) for those who want to teach English abroad

  • Japanese language and Japanese-English translation courses (the Department of East Asian Studies, the University of Alberta)

  • Introduction to Translation workshops, theoretical portions (Association of Translators and Interpreters of Alberta) 

Main publications

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