Sewing by Yukari Meldrum

*** Because of of the COVID situation and regulations, if an in-person services are required (such as measuring and fitting), this has to be done on an appointment basis one person at a time with all other measures in place (e.g., masks that cover nose, mouth, and chin, as well as handwashing/sanitizing). However, if you can wait until things calm down to have an in-person service, that will be greatly appreciated. All other services will be completed by mail, curb side pickup, or curb side drop off. ***

Handmade items on Etsy


Handmade items are listed on Y's creation, my Etsy shop page.

I had such a great time making all the items like pouches, bags, pen cases, cosmetic cases... I make them with fabrics I find pretty from different fabric stores. Believing that recycling and upcycling is important, I also use rescued fabrics like Japanese kimono and upholstery remnants. 

If you live in Edmonton and can pick up the item(s), I provide a discount. Please contact me

Custom sewing

If you have been dreaming of a specific item but cannot find it in a store, I may be able to help.


I can sew a garment if you have a sewing pattern, fabric, and notions (like zippers, buttons, etc.). Please read more information about custom sewing for garments


Or, I can also make anything you see on Y's creation (my Etsy shop) using a different fabric such as your favourite fabric. I can be creative with other non-garment items, meaning that I can probably make a sewing pattern for your item. 


If you need help with what you need to order your item, please feel free to contact me


I also sew blackout curtains for optics labs for Grayflare Inc. Please check them out as well.  



I can help you if you have a button that you need me to sew it back on, if you need a patch on the knee area of your favourite pair of pants, or if you need to have a zipper replaced on the jacket you love. I can also mend worn areas such as those on socks. 


Fees will depend on the hours required to finish the task.


  • Sewing and mending starts at $30/hour, and it may change according to the technicality and difficulty of the project.

  • ​Shopping for notions and/or fabric at a physical store: $25/store --> At this time, there is no shopping services; only projects whose materials are provided to me will be accepted. Thank you for understanding this temporary arrangement. [Dec. 9, 2020]

  • ​Do you want to exchange your hour(s) to my hour(s)? I'm open to the hour exchange. Please contact me


  • Minimum charge: half an hour

  • Accepted method of payment: cash, credit card (on PayPal or Square), PayPal, or money order

​Happy Voices:

She took my ideas, and made them a reality. Yukari’s stitching is impeccable, and we had a lot of fun brainstorming ideas! [Read more]

- Dawn

I really appreciated her attention to detail [...] I will certainly seek her services again! [Read more]

- F. C. 

Love the convertible bag backpack/mini purse duo that Yukari made. I am looking forward to using them for a long time to come. [Read more]

​- B. L. 

She did such a good job [...], and they look great! [Read more]

- Cathy & Uwe 

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