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Memory fleece blanket

I had a pleasure to make a memory blanket a while back. This is the finished product.

My client had beautiful, fun images painted on her lab coats by artist Chris Hall, D.C. Aren't they wonderful?

However, she is now retired and wanted to have the images on something that can be used. First, I cut the images out and folded the edges.

She provided me with some fleece fabrics (the blue is the backing, and the orange is the front panel).

She gave me permission to go wild and design the blanket myself, so I decided on the front panel to be like this and decided on the places of the images. I moved around the images until I felt good about the placement.

All I did after this are sewing on the images, trimming the backing to fit the front panel, and sewing it all together. There is no quilting involved in this blanket, since it's fleece. Two layers of polar fleece makes it a very warm blanket.

It made me so happy to be of give treasured items a second life like this! Please contact me if you have anything like this to be made.

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