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Please use the menu bar above to read about me, services I provide, and happy voices, etc. What I made, mended, or did are showcased in the blog entries. I'm located in the west end of Edmonton, just by Lessard Road. (I am sorry, but I no longer accept new translation/interpreting orders.)


Custom sewing for clothes and garments

Step 1: Sewing Pattern

I need sewing patterns to make clothes or garments. Pattern drafting for garments is a special skill which is usually learned through careful studies and practices. For simple bags and accessories, I am able to make a pattern based on your design, but for garments I need a pattern to work from.

Please buy a sewing pattern you like, and I can make the necessary adjustment to fit it for you. Please provide a paper pattern.

If you purchase a digital pattern, you will need to print it out and tape the pieces together in accordance to the instruction provided by the pattern seller. (You need to make sure that the scale provided on the printed paper matches the length it needs to be.) You can ask me to print out the digital file and tape together the pieces for an additional fee.

Here are some good sites for sewing patterns: 

Step 2: Fabric and Notions

Usually, the pattern envelope or the pattern package contains information on how much fabric is needed and which notions (e.g., zipper, buttons, elastics, thread, etc.) you need for the project. So, please go buy your fabric and notions following the instructions. (If you need help doing this, I can come with you or I can do it instead of you for an additional fee.)

I can provide a white or black thread for regular clothing weight fabrics. However, if you require a specific colour that matches to your chosen fabric or a specific type of thread, then I ask you to provide it.

If you buy fabrics that can shrink (e.g., cotton, linen, and cotton or linen blend, etc.), then you should wash the fabric as you would normally wash the garment. This is called preshrinking (an external link). Some fabric can shrink quite a bit, and without this step, you may be very disappointed after one wash after the garment is worn only once... If you are not sure about if you need to do this, please ask me.

Step 3: My Turn

Once you have the pattern, fabric, and notions, the fun begins for me!

Next, I'll walk you through the process of making your garment.

(1) Take your measurements (or you can provide me with the measurements).

(2) Cut the pattern into the sizes that fit you the best. (Unlike the ready-to-wear garment, a custom made garment is supposed to fit you.)

(3) Cut the fabric into necessary pieces.

(4) Optional step: Baste the main seams of the garment, followed by trying it on for a fit. Then, adjustments to your fabric pieces and pattern pieces. (Please note that without this step, I will not be responsible for an ill-fitting garment after the garment is finished.)

(5) Sew the seams to construct the garment. Make the button holes, etc. (If applicable).

(6) Sew on the buttons or hem by hand (if applicable).

If you need more information, please feel free to contact me.


Please ask for a quote with information of the pattern you chose. The list below gives you ideas on the price range.

Custom sewing of a garment/clothes prices

  • A garment with up to 2 pattern pieces (a simple gathered skirt with an elastic waist, etc.): CAD$50 A garment with up to 4 pattern pieces (a simple top, skirt, pants, etc.): CAD$75
  • A simple dress or tunic with up to 4 pattern pieces: starts at CAD$95
  • A skirt, top, dress, or pants with more than 5 pattern pieces: starts at CAD$150
  • A button down shirt with a collar, button holes, buttons, and short sleeves with simple hems: starts at CAD$175 
  • A button down shirt with a collar, button holes, buttons, and long sleeves with cuffs and plackets: starts at CAD$195 (extra button holes on longer plackets, collar stay pockets on the back of the collars, etc., will be charged extra)

Additional services

  • Printing, taping together, and cutting of the digital pattern: CAD$30/patterns
  • Shopping for notions and/or fabric at a physical store: CAD$30/store
  • Basting, checking for fit, and modifying for fit: CAD$30/one time
  • Driving to your location to take measurements, assess the situation, etc: CAD$30 (only within the Anthony Henday circle in Edmonton)

Minimum charge: one hour

Accepted method of payment: e-transfer (preferred), cash, or credit card (on PayPal or Square)

Do you want to "barter"? I'm open to in-kind payment as well. Please contact me.