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Please use the menu bar above to read about me, services I provide, and happy voices, etc. What I made, mended, or did are showcased in the blog entries. I'm located in the west end of Edmonton, just by Lessard Road. (I am sorry, but I no longer accept new translation/interpreting orders.)

Saturday, July 13, 2024

Simple sleeveless shirt

I just sewed a very simple summer shirt because it's been quite hot. Here is what it looks on my beloved Glenda the dress form. (I am a bit larger than Glenda, so it fits me better.) 

Like with any sewing projects, it starts out with cutting the fabric. 

I decided to put a little opening in the front. 

This is after finishing the shoulder and side seams. The next step is to finish the arm and neck openings with a bias tape I made with the same fabric. The finished product is on the top of the page. 

Thursday, July 11, 2024

Sometimes industrial sewing

Sometimes I sew very heavy fabrics on an industrial sewing machine (straight stitch with walking foot). This fabric is a special fabric that is for Grayflare Inc. It's a laser barrier curtains, window covers, etc. 

Since the fabric is a little hard to grip, I do use a pair of garden gloves to hold on to the fabric. In this photo, I am sewing on a hook side of the hook-and-eye tape.  

I often need to sew on a bias tape to cover up the raw edges. 

If you need a laser barrier, please visit the website of Grayflare Inc. They also have blackout curtains, too. It really makes a room dark!  

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Remaking a bag into a fanny pack

I was given an opportunity to remake a bag into a fanny pack. 

It was a shoulder bag (I forgot to take a before photo), and now it's a fanny pack. 
First, I had to use a beloved seam ripper to take out the seams that were holding the shoulder strap, and I also removed a pair of hand straps because my clients said he didn't need them any more. 

There were some seams from the body of the bag that had to be sewn, so I did that, too. Then, I placed the shoulder straps to different places (on the sides but higher up) so that he can wear it around his hips. 

The remake was done, and the bag that was a little hard to use became something that is easier to carry. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Shortening jacket sleeves

Shortening jacket sleeves is not as simple as just cutting it off. I need to think of the design and how the sleeves are put together. So, I need to observe the construction carefully and to take photos as much as possible. 

This is how it started:

 Photos to keep records of the construction:

I start opening up the seams:
It's important to keep the measurements, too:
After cutting the excess length off, and preparing to sew up:
The finished sleeve: 

I decided to keep only the brownish buttons. The original sleeve had blueish buttons as well, and it somehow didn't agree with me. The client was fine with my decision. 

Monday, July 8, 2024

Reversible apron

A friend of mine gave me a Simplicity 8230 pattern a while back, and I wanted to try making it. 

I didn't make two of them. I made it reversible. 

I often make changed to the pattern, and this time was no exception. I made it reversible, and I changed the fastening method and pockets. The original pattern had tabs on the sides to close the front and back bodice together. But I used buttons only. Also, The original pattern had one large pocket in the front, but I put two. Just simple changes, but they make this apron fit me better. 

Sunday, July 7, 2024

Mending with a patch

This was a damage on a motorcycle racing suit. It is very hard to replace the damaged area with the same fabric because the other area is made of a very heavy leather. Also, the location of the damage made it hard to use my sewing machine. 
So, I decided to use a patch. Since the damaged section was a stretchy area, I had to use a fabric with about the same stretch, and I had to use stitches that can accommodate the stretch. 
Although the patch does not make it look like it is brand new, it cans till cover up the damage. 

Friday, July 5, 2024

Bucket hats

I made some bucket hats for my friends as gifts. I made two hats - they are reversible. What I love about the fabric used for those hats is that they are special fabrics woven in Japan called Kasuri (絣). I used the solid colour for one hat but the texture is beautiful. Sadly, the photo can't really show that off. 

The first hat, one side and the other side: 

The second hat, one side and the other side:

I used a free PDF pattern from Glory Allan. I really like the way he drafted this pattern. His website has DIY kits as well, which will be great for beginners. Hat making is actually not that hard.