About this website

Please use the menu bar above to read about me, services I provide, and happy voices, etc. What I made, mended, or did are showcased in the blog entries. I'm located in the west end of Edmonton, just by Lessard Road. (I am sorry, but I no longer accept new translation/interpreting orders.)

Sewing lessons

Have you ever wanted to learn sewing? 

I can help you with that. I am an experienced teacher in languages and translation, but I am comfortable teaching you anything I know how to do. 

You can learn to make a perfect skirt that you just cannot find in a store, you can learn how to install zippers, or you can also choose to make something simple to start with. 

You can bring your own sewing machine if you have one, or you can use one of my sewing machines in my sewing studio. 

Please understand that at this time, the lessons are offered only for woman and girls. 

Up to two people can be accommodated if both are over 12 years of age and know basic sewing skills (e.g., able to sew straight lines on a sewing machine) and want to learn more sewing techniques. I recommend a private lesson if you have never touched a sewing machine or for a younger person. A parent or a female guardian of a younger student is welcome to stay to watch her lesson. 

How much you can learn in an hour really depends on where we start. If you already know how to sew a straight line on a sewing machine, then you can probably make a simple skirt in an hour or two, just to give you an idea. Also, I can provide some ideas on what's possible to make at your skill levels and how much time it may take to make it yourself in lessons. 

Please contact me to discuss the details. 


  • $35/hour if using my sewing machine (a basic mechanical sewing machine)
  • $33/hour if using your own sewing machine, or if you are not using a sewing machine (hand sewing) 

Do you want to "barter"? I am open to in-kind payment as well (I can provide you with my wish lists at Amazon or other online stores. Or, we can exchange one hour of my time with one hour of your time. I can always use help weeding in my yard... ;)