tarot cards
Tarot card reading 

Have you had a tarot card reading done? The tarot cards can shed light on your situation and guide you through some confusing times. You will be amazed how much these cards have to say to you. I simply read or interpret the message they have for you.

I started using tarot cards when I was in high school back in Japan, and it was surprising that my readings were quite accurate. As I got busy with college and adult life, I was away from it for a while, but now I am back using the cards again with more insights from going through some life situations. 

I can do the reading by telephone, Skype, Zoom, LINE, or FaceTime. Please contact me to schedule the date and time.

  • I do not set a price for my tarot reading. I would gladly accept any amount you would like to give me after the reading is done. However, if you are in a tight financial situation but are in need of help from the cards, just contact me to set up an appointment. 

  • Please ask one specific question per sitting.