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Upcycling: custom makeup remover pads

These used to be my flannel pajamas. Now they are my makeup remover pads.

After darning and patching my pajamas until there was really not much left to darn or repair on the seams, I just cut out the sections that could be remade into something else. One of the choices was to remake an old well-worn clothes is something like this.

I find that 100% cotton flannel can be made into absorbent makeup remover pads. (I also made some panty liners and cleaning clothes.) Yes, you can buy some "upcycled" makeup remover pads to contribute to the reduction of clothing wastes. But if you can make your favourite well-worn-and-now-very-soft shirt or pants into something you can use, why not?

Also, I find most of the makeup remover pads being sold are just serged at the edge - meaning that an overlock stitch (serger) is used to keep the edges from fraying. (It is fast and easy to make.) I find that when I only use a serger, bits of fabric or fiber pieces from the edge still fall off when I use it. So, I made mine with clean edges. All the raw edges of the fabric is inside after being sewn twice (once from the inside with the right sides together and once from the outside as topstitches), so nothing can flake off as you use them.

A clothe made of soft 100% natural fiber, like cotton or linen, works best for making items that require high absorbency.

I am sure if you sew, you already know how to make something like this. However, for those of you who can't or don't have time, I would like to suggest that I can make them for you. You just tell me the size you like and bring me your used clothe, and I will charge only the minimum wage ($15/hour) to make these for you. Usually, my sewing fee starts at $30/hour for custom sewing, but this is upcycling and doing good for our earth! I am willing to work for $15/hour. 😊 Also, I will not charge you for the thread.

If you prefer, I can use a 100% cotton thread so that your 100% cotton (or other natural fabric) items can be composted when it's time to go back to the earth.

Squares or rectangles are the fastest to make - just cut and sew. This means I can sew more in a given time. If you want circles or ovals, that will require a little more care (and there will be more waste). But if that's what you want, I can do it. (Please be aware, it will take more time to sew curved edges.)

Please contact me to place an order, and we can discuss the details.

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