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Gallery of sold-out masks

This page is to keep a record of the masks that sold out (no more of the same fabrics left).

All the fabrics were chosen based on what I liked at the time, so I want to keep a record of them. :)

This one was bought in Japan. It is called seigaiha (青海波) whose literal translation is blue sea waves.

The background of this one looks black, but it is a very deep indigo with which I fell in love. The flowers are sakura (桜), cherry blossoms.

Celtic blue green. The photo does not do justice to the pretty shades of this blue green.

White dots on yellow. I somehow find those irregular dots nicer than regular dots.

By far the most popular mask. :) I wish the supplier had more of this fabric, but it seems all out and I can't get it any more. Again, I love the drawings of the cats with all different expressions.

This fabric was my favourite since the drawings of cats are quite real looking.

Needless to say, elephants are cute! I found several fat quarters in a local store, and I just could not help myself grabbing all that there was in the stash.

When looking for fabric with dogs, it is a little hard. Popular breeds of dogs have their own prints readily available, but a prototypical dogs are hard to find. So, this is a bit of a cartoonish dog, but it's cute.

Two stylized cat print fabrics found online (I believe it was on Etsy). I love looking at my cat looking out of the window like this.

Canada theme with different maple leaves. I thought it was a fun kind of fabric.

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