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Sleeve length adjustment

I made some adjustment to the rain jacket sleeves so that I don't walk around with the sleeves hanging down so low.

The rain jacket I used for more than a decade was getting really not very good any more (leaks that I could not fix, a layer inside peeling off all over, etc.). So, I went to a store to look for a new rain jacket. I found a really nice fuchsia-coloured rain jacket but it cost $470! That's too much for me for a jacket.

So, I found one that was on a clearance sale for $99. But the size was an issue. The size that fits me perfectly had a length that was too short in my opinion. So, I decided on a size larger; however the issue was the sleeves. They were too long.

The solution: I simply had to shorten the sleeves. This was a good thing because I am not fond of the Velcro closure for the sleeve. (I was happy to cut them right off.) I made elastic casings and inserted elastics so the wind and rain won't come up my sleeves.

If you need any alteration, contact me and we can discuss options.

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