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Mask sewing tutorial

Here is an easy mask tutorial. (日本語版はこちら

Quick mask pattern drafting using a letter size paper

(1) Fold the letter size paper (8.5" x 11") in four. Notice the centre (light blue dot). Make dots as shown in red dots.

(2) Connect the red dots.

(3) Make dots as shown in orange dots. Draw two lines on right and left sides.

(4) Add seam allowances (gray lines). Connect the orange dots (green lines).

(5) Tada! You have a mask pattern.

Below is the metric conversion. My good friend's hubby made it in Japan, and he graciously shared it with me to share with anyone who can use it.

How to sew the mask

(1) Cut 1 of fabric and 1 of lining. (I use fabric with natural fibre. Here, the main/front fabric is a linen/cotton blend, and the lining (the back/inside fabric) is 100% cotton. If you wish to add more layers, I'd use two layers of lining. (But it will add bulk, which may make it harder to sew.)

(2) Mark where the pleats are on both pieces of fabric. Put the lines for pleats together and sew on the line.

(3) Sew top and bottom seams with the right sides of the fabrics together. (Don’t forget to go back and forth at the the begging and end of the stitches here.)

(4) Cut a tiny bit into where the angles change

(5) Put your fingers inside and turn the inside out. You may have to wiggle it out.

(6) Press with an iron.

(7) Topstitch the edges. This makes it look neater. (You can skip this step if you want.)

(8) Make the casings for elastic cords.

(9) Attach the elastics (depending on how tight you want it, it takes between 10-14 inches.) And It’s done!

On my Etsy store, I have various handmade items for sale. Masks (different from the one shown here in the tutorial) tend to go very fast, if you want it off Etsy, please contact me using the method on my contact page.


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