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Bag remake

I remade my bag so that I can use it for a while again. I love giving it a new life by remaking a well-loved item!

(Ooops, the lovely zipper pull is flipped up. I didn't realize that when I took the photo.)


A couple of my wonderful friends gifted me this bag about 13 years ago for a celebratory reason. I loved it so much, and I have used it a lot. I altered it a bit to fit my lifestyle once. This year, I noticed that it was getting some holes on the corners on the bottom, which were a bit hard to patch.

Also, the stains on the back side would not come off even if I tried to clean it time after time.

So, I decided to cut out and save the lovely image by Laurel Burch from the front and other bits and pieces to make a new bag. The inner lining was made when I altered the bag before - I put all those little pockets where I keep my essentials. (I know exactly where everything is in this bag.) You can see that I reused a zipper that was salvaged from an old back pack (sadly beyond repair) from MEC, too.

I could not stand the thought of not having this bag any more, and now I can use this bag for another 13 years or possibly longer because this black fabric I used is supposed to be very strong even outdoors.

If you have a bag that needs a repair or remake, or if you want me to alter your bag with the inner lining that fits your lifestyle, please feel free to contact me. I love this kind of project!

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