​Japanese/English interpretation (translation of spoken languages)

Yukari Meldrum, Ph.D., is an experienced interpreter in various settings such as visits of government delegates, visits of research groups, academic and general lectures and talks, business meetings, events for entertainment industry (bands, entertainers, voice actors, etc.), on-site interpretation for energy industries and industrial machinery overhauls and repairs (generator, turbine, etc.), medical and legal appointments, interpreter guide, and wedding receptions. 

Please see Yukari's background here.  

  • Only consecutive interpretation services are available (not simultaneous interpretation).

  • Please plan ahead and make a reservation as early as you can.

  • The longest time on site is 8 hours per day. (Additional hours can be negotiated depending on the situation.)

  • Accepted methods of payment: cash, credit card (on PayPal or Square), PayPal, money order, personal check, or iTunes or other gift cards 

  • Depending on the project, a down payment may be required. 

Interpretation without preparation


  • Only for social events, informal meetings, interviews, etc., which require no preparation 

  • Orders can be placed until 2 days before the date of interpretation if the interpreter is available. 



  1. Short (Time on site with the client is less than 1.5 hours): CAD $200

  2. Half day (Time on site with the client is between 1.5 hours and 4 hours): CAD $400

  3. Day (Time on site with the client is between 4 hours and 8 hours) : CAD $800

Interpretation requiring preparation*


  • For technical subjects and cases which require translation of information materials, speech documents, etc. 

  • Orders need to be placed at least 10 working days prior to the day of interpretation. 

  • Please contact me for a quote. 

*A note about preparation:

  • Please understand that interpretation requires numerous hours of preparation in advance for a technical subject. Without preparation, a human interpreter is only slightly better than a smartphone translation application.

  • Please submit any supporting documents by, at the latest, 10 working days prior to the interpretation date. If no supporting documents are submitted by 10 working days prior to the first day of the interpretation date, the interpreter reserves the right to cancel the order without any penalty or to charge an extra fee (Express Prep Fee). 

  • Cancellation policy will be notified at the time of reservation. 

Other charges

Other charges may apply such as transportation fees (airfare, parking, bus, taxi, etc.), per diem, accommodation, and a fee for a preparation meeting or translation of documents prior to the assignment. 

The interpreter will travel using her private vehicle for the assignment taking place only within the city of Edmonton, Alberta, and the neighbouring towns/cities. In any other locations, public transportation will be used, or other means of transportation needs to be arranged by the client.